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During CONFEDEREX  Executive council (Italian Confederation of Catholic Education Alumni)  in Turin (February 25, 2017), there was discussed the re-ingress to OMAEC –previously reviewed in Florencia-.  The OMAEC issue report was prepared by the three (3) CONFEDEREX representatives, C. Andreoli, G. Mariano and Frossi Germani.Le Conseil

Giuseppe Mariano prepared a report regarding the OMAEC Executive Council meeting carried out in Madrid and regarding the celebrations that would take part in Rome, October 2017 about the OMAEC 50th Anniversary, waiting for His Holiness available dates for the audience.   CONFEDEREX would be represented for this event.

There was informed too, regarding the new OMAEC Ecclesiastical Assistant, Bishop Luis Argüello Garcias, Valladolid auxiliary; OMAEC solidary program, WhatsApp group and the Paraguay ingress to OMAEC.

As conclusion for all this great news, considering specially the new renewed relationship between the Holy See and their congregations,  CONFEDEREX Council unanimously decided re-ingress to the OMAEC.