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The strength of 150 million women and men educated in Catholic Institutions

What is OMAEC?

We are an international non-profit organization that brings together Catholic Education Alumni Organizations from around the world.

What do we do?

We support the action of alumni throughout the world with the aim of promoting the education of man in Christian values and dignity, in order to achieve a better world.

How to participate?

Through the various Catholic Education Alumni Organizations. We have Correspondents in countries where there is no national Confederation.

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Welcome message to the new website by the President of the World Organization of Former Students of Catholic Education

The work of the alumni of Catholic education of the different Religious Congregations, Universities, Dioceses, etc. is very extensive; in this section we will be publishing different realities in the area of solidarity in favor of the most disadvantaged in society.

What do we do?

Thousands of former students dedicate their time, effort, resources and creativity to help create a more humane and supportive world in the face of the great needs that exist in the Catholic School.

Catholic Education alumni have a social commitment to the underprivileged. the alumni of the various Congregations are working to make society aware that “a better world is possible”.

We encourage the active participation and listening of young people at the international level, taking advantage of their strength, their abilities and their sense of responsibility as believers, children of God.

We maintain and strengthen our relations with international organizations in order to expand the network with new organizations and take advantage of the synergies and specializations that derive from them.

We promote the ongoing formation of member organizations, Correspondents and alumni of Catholic Education through new technologies.

Alumni Resources

OMAEC's resources to promote and encourage the ongoing training of member organizations,
Correspondents and Catholic Education Alumni.

Emotion, speeches, tributes, tears for times gone by, nostalgic videos, old photos, lots of smiles and some surprising and unexpected reunions.

In the experiential field of alumni, the initial bond that animates their…

What activities can alumni carry out in their communities?

Alumni can carry out activities of different types…

To help your institution (or others that you have closed) to continue its work…


OMAEC is a member of international organizations related to education, family, childhood and human rights,
contributing our values and commitment.