How to organize an alumni association?

In the experiential field of alumni, the initial link that encourages its members to create and organize an Alumni Association is their relationship and bond with the Alma Mater (their school, university, etc.) to which must be added the values received.
from the foundational Charism of each Religious Congregation (in the case of Religious Colleges) but with identical influence in diocesan Colleges, Catholic Universities, etc.

Each Association is very different, as it is influenced by traditions, local and social roots, the congregation or congregations from which its members come, etc. ……

For this reason it is very important the creation of a NATIONAL CONFEDERATION that could be divided in two ways:

  • National Confederation of Alumni/ae of a Congregation / Charisma
  • National Confederation of Alumni of Catholic Education (with representation from different representatives of Congregations, Schools
    dioceses, universities, etc.)

Both initiatives require a series of actions that may include:

  • Having a start-up team with leadership skills
  • Dedicate time to reflection, motivation and objectives of this project.
  • Plan for an “oil slick over the sea” type of growth, with no large
    initial results.
  • Study prototype bylaws, which should be open and flexible.
  • Plan achievable short, medium and long term objectives and activities.
  • To have the support of a representative of the Institution.
  • Dedicate time and resources to training, leadership and sense of belonging.
  • Giving due importance to communication and social networks as a means of
    information gathering and reporting tools. The visualization of the project is of great
  • Offering spaces for sharing best practices among the various
    Associations that make up the Confederation.
  • Manage the legalization of the Confederation with the maximum guarantee (Assembly
    General Constituent Assembly, Provisional Board, approval of bylaws, registration of the
    Confederation before the State Administration, etc.
  • It is advisable to officially communicate the existence of this Confederation to the heads of the different Institutions/Congregations.
  • In the case of a National Confederation of Alumni of Catholic Education, where alumni from different Congregations, Universities, Diocesan Schools, etc. converge, it is very important to know the different foundational Charisms, as well as the maximum respect for the customs of each group as a differentiating, enriching and motivating fact, which allows us to know and learn (from each other) ways and experiences of living the Gospel.

Prepared by:
José Ramón Batiste Peñaranda

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